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Telesource Executive Search started its operations in 1997 as a recruitment firm targeted exclusively to the telecommunications industry. Telesource was established with the mission of being the leading TELECOMMUNICATION recruiter in the Asia-Pacific region. With our success, our extensive network of global contacts and our association with world class telecommunication organisations we are sure to exceed our mission. We focus on finding the RIGHT PROFESSIONAL FOR THE RIGHT JOB. 
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There are no fixed questions in interviews. Much will depend on the type of job you've applied for, the interviewer and how the interview unfolds.
Study the position for which you’ve applied. What strengths will make you effective on the job? Do you have an understanding of your weaknesses?
Interviews can be nerve wrecking, but make sure you get enough rest the night before. You’ll want to be mentally alert.
With our success in the TELECOMMUNICATION industry and with our team of dedicated & service-oriented consultants and our worldwide network of affiliates & associate companies, Telesource is able to provide a complete recruitment solution to our clients and meet all recruitment challenges.
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